It takes a little more than a feminine scent and a classic glass bottle to be the world’s best selling perfume even after 90 years. It takes a legend, an iconic association, that out-markets the product itself. Such is Chanel No.5’s strength. It sells based on its long history, based on the prestige women imagine to be mixed into the timeless formula.

Part of that legend was ignited (or reignited) in the ’50s when it was given the ultimate unsolicited endorsement from an icon of stardom and femininity: Marily Monroe. When asked what she wore to bed, Monroe made no mention of pyjamas or nightgowns – instead answering that she wore Chanel No.5.

Marilyn Monroe Chanel No.5 video

This video from Chanel looks at how and when that reference came to being, and its impact on the legend of the perfume.

Watch it above.

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