This season, with the somewhat colder weather still present, hats are a much needed piece in the transition from winter to spring. Whether it is a fedora hat, a beanie or even a furry Ushanka, owning some stylish headgear can bring you a whole lot closer to looking chic.

Here are my top five examples of marvellous millinery:

furry ushanka elena perminova

The cap.

If you wanted to go for a more edgy or avant garde look I would recommend a baseball cap or a snapback as they are known in England. I love the casual yet severe element that they bring to outfits and pairing it with a leather jacket, as is shown in this example, or another edgy statement piece such as studs, would create an outfit that screams 80’s punk with a modern twist. These hats are perfect for the individualistic types who want to stand out from a hatless crowd.

la cap

The bowler.

This scarlet red bowler hat is perfect for bringing a touch of femininity to an otherwise androgynous outfit. Bowler hats are so Victorian gentleman and so are perfect if you wanted to go for a more vintage look as well. If you wanted to go for a more girly look this spring, a floral printed A-line dress with a denim jacket and bowler hat would be the perfect Bohemian combination.

red bowler

The ushanka.

Elena Perminova wears a modern example of a fashionable Ushanka. The Ushanka is a traditional furry hat originating from the frozen depths of Russia and luckily, they have bopped from head to head and become a world wide trend, featuring in the 2012 winter collections. This comes in a stark white with matching gloves but I recommend a more subdued brown or black if you only wanted to dip your toe into traditional Russian-wear; after all, these hats are a rather noticeable fashion statement to make!

elena perminova ushanka

The beanie.

A beanie hat is an almost go-to accessory for cold weather and this woman clearly chose her accessories wisely! The yellow and black bumble-bee striped hat with the tortoiseshell glasses, leather skirt and snakeskin blazer creates an outfit so mix and matched that it matches perfectly together. This is definitely the epitome of bo-ho chic and I would kill to borrow something from her wardrobe!

striped beanie

The wide-brimmed hat.

This forest green wide brim hat adds sophistication to the avant garde Chanel bejewelled eye makeup. Its sheer simplicity is what makes this hat the perfect style for any outfit that is already busy with patterned designs or jewellery. This hat should be saved more for the summer months though as there is something tres Windsor Races about it!

hat and glitter

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