Miley Cyrus covers Vogue

For those who said that the whole Miley Cyrus twerking saga was not ‘good girl gone bad’ but rather a case of an entertainer attempting to distance herself from her Disney moulded image, now is probably your time to gloat. Right now, the fashion industry loves Miley Cyrus. That should come as no surprise – the fashion industry loves stories of reinventions. And reinventing herself, Cyrus is. There was the pledge, the turn where her Disney fans were distanced and her antics captured precisely the kind of attention that she wanted, and now there’s the prestige Marc Jacobs’ campaigns, NSFW photo shoots and Vogue covers.

miley cyrus vogue cover

Or one so far.

Classically styled and photographed by Mario Testino, the Vogue Germany cover is one more step in a story of Miley Cyrus’ reinvention. The kind of reinvention that the likes of Madonna built their careers upon. The kind of reinvention that every fashion trend, every label, every designer, depends upon.

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