10 breathtaking fashion photos.

If I had any foresight, I’d have been keeping a list of these throughout the year: the most beautiful shots from the most beautiful fashion shoots that our amazing contributors have sent us in 2013. If I had, by now the list would be very long.

We get an incredible amount of photoshoots submitted to us, and I’ve fallen in love with oh so many of them (hopefully you have too). I’m no doubt leaving out dozens in this culled list of 10. These are just some of beautiful images that spring to mind, that we’ve had the pleasure of publishing this year.

In no particular order, 10 breathtaking images from 2013. Click through for the full photoshoots of each.

10 beautiful fashion photos

1. Breath From Another by Michael David Adams.

The beauty of underwater photography meets pure romance, and it’s a combination that will make any heart melt.

underwater romance

2. Rachael by James Broadhurst.

Merging the beauty of flowers with the beauty of petal-like gowns, graceful poses, bare skin and veils, James Broadhurst’s shoot of Australian model Rachael Grasso was a wonder to behold.

rachael Grasso by james broadhurst

3. Robin by Aaron Feaver.

A bed of tulle and perfectly regal accessorising put these beautiful images by Aaron Feaver in the list of unforgettable shoots from 2013. View it all for a deluge of prettiness, executed with restraint.

robin by aaron feaver

4. Wandering after Wonderland by Jason Bassett.

Cultivating a mix of softness and sensuality, Jason Bassett brought lace, roses, wicker chairs and kitty-cats to this glorious set of photos. Model Madeleine brought the beauty.

topless in tulle

5. Fire in the Sky by Michael David Adams.

This year bestowed upon us more beautiful underwater shoots than we can mention here, though ‘Fire in the Sky’ – another from Michael David Adams – is too notable not to revisit.

underwater fashion shoot

6. Once You Lose That Innocence by Marta Streng.

If you could take a photo of hope this is what it might look like: bare feet suspended above green grass, white lace and white blossoms. Marta Streng encapsulated the mood of springtime in a single image.

green grass and bare feet

7. Anne-Claire by Vivienne Mok.

A master of softness and natural light, Vivienne Mok does wonderous things in front of windows.

anne-claire by vivienne mok

8. Je Vous Parle D’un Temps by Remi Rebillard.

This is one of my personal favourites. Though it may not be dramatic or filled with sweeping gowns, Remi Rebillard managed to pack more emotion and nostalgia into these few images than a romantic’s heart can handle. It’s wistful, and beautiful.

nostalgic fashion shoot remi rebillard

9. Awakening by Jacky Suharto for DEW.

As unusual as it is captivating, Jacky Suharto’s use of tiny lights made this shoot a futuristically envisaged, sci-fi inspired highlight.

awakening dew magazine

10. Caelestis by Rio Surya Prasetia.

Last but not least, something purely mythical in the form of Caelestis – where models are Goddesses, and capes are wings.

winged cape

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