There are many types of raw sexuality being successfully explored in today’s undisguised take on fashion, some coming to sight plain irresistible, others playing the innocence card; but there are few to actually hit hard and all at once, like an ocean wave hurled around in a storm. The kind of sex-appeal that is born straight out of a devil-may-care attitude, the kind that comes overflowing with confidence, painting femininity in a tougher light for once. Sensual and edgy, now that’s one inescapable combination.

With Peter Soulis behind the lens, a hint of skin, a touch of leather, one hot babe and one cool bike can easily make for a perfect story line. And they most definitely do.

The Motorcycle Diaries by Peter Soulis

She’s got legs for days and sun-kisses skin, blue eyes that pierce right through your soul and quite the flawless body, a body that would easily make any garment stand out and look appealing. A biker jacket, a sexy bralette, a denim sleeveless top, or a high waisted pair of knickers: styled by Anna West and effortlessly sported by Brooke they all morph into a full statement of raw edginess.

Complemented with cat eyes and natural, textured hair by Syliva Uru, you can view the full photo shoot at the gallery. For more of Peter Soulis’ gorgeous photography work, do check his website at this link.

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