My baby shot me down

When lyrics of a song are penned down, they’re not usually written with a motive to be visually translated.

One would argue – it’s music, it’s meant to be heard not seen. But it’s also a form of art, so why limit it to one medium?

This editorial brings out the emotions behind Cher’s second single released in 1966.

Bang Bang, she shot me down

Bang Bang, I hit the ground

Bang Bang, that awful sound

Bang Bang, my baby shot me down

Julier Bugge by Niklas Hoejlund

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Julier Bugge by Niklas Hoejlund
Julier Bugge by Niklas Hoejlund
Julier Bugge by Niklas Hoejlund
Julier Bugge by Niklas Hoejlund
Julier Bugge by Niklas Hoejlund
Julier Bugge by Niklas Hoejlund

As Cher sings about death and betrayal in her deep and captivating voice, you can’t help but associate its lyrics with this editorial, photographed by Niklas Hoejlund.

The obvious reference to the song shines through the tattooed gun pointing towards the model’s private area, but the various other inks spread all over her body narrate contradicting stories – there’s love, lust, a pistol and doves. There’s so much ambiguity on one body.

The intimate setting – red lighting, lacy lingerie and silky bedcovers – associate themselves with her seductive and passionate stance on the bed and against the mirror. This story seems less emotional and more sexual, yes.

But, her intense, emotion-filled eyes take you on a very powerful level of story telling. They leave you wondering, has she lost someone or is she in the middle of a bad dream? If her tattoos spell out her personality, then is she craving love, lust and a gunshot, all at once?

We’ll never know what happened in that bedroom, unless she was being metaphorically ‘shot down’ by her lover.

The model featured in the editorial is Danish beauty, Julier Bugge, who first made a mark in the fashion industry by opening the Balenciaga Fall / Winter 2012 show in Paris last season. She’s definitely one to watch out for.

View the full editorial at the gallery above.

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