Exuding mystery and a deep sense of alienation, Koty 2’s dramatic photo shoot is all about the contrast set between being lost and found, in a story veiled in pure romanticism. Sweetened by luxurious notes and an array of utterly feminine accents, the concept goes hand in hand with Bryan Ferry’s song entitled Avalon.

Ida Sayk’s dark beauty is perfectly complemented by the alluring black lace, the elegant silhouettes and the ultra sophisticated styling, all triggering a nostalgic fascination that takes us back decades. Captured to perfection, the glamorous spirit of the photo shoot is enhanced by the impeccable fusion between old and new, classic and modern, seductive and innocent. Set against a minimal background, still managing to evoke the same theme of luxury and distinction, the photos translate to a state of beautiful art.

waiting for by koty 2

Sonia Zieleniewska added another captivating chapter to the enigmatic story through the brilliant and edgy make-up that was paired to perfection to a series of slick, feminine and enchanting hair styles envisioned by Fabian Marciniak. Stylist Rozena Grey put her captivating spin on the photo shoot, by embracing a ravishing and totally feminine fashion direction. You can witness Koty 2’s (www.koty2.com) entire glamorous photo shoot by clicking on the thumbnails above.

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