It’s not a generalisation to say that the majority of fashion photo shoots are without a narrative. The primary goal of majority of photo shoots it to highlight new season clothes and accessories – better photo shoots will ensure that they also evoke an emotional response from you the viewer. That’s the majority. At the opposite end of the spectrum, however, are the photo shoots whose conception seems to have begun with the idea for a narrative. In such photo shoots the fashions play second fiddle. In shoots as strong as photographer Michael Donovan’s work for Vision China so strong is the narrative, so likely to draw you in is the imagery, that you could argue the fashion doesn’t even play second fiddle but that it goes so unnoticed that it is almost inconsequential.

Lua Mayer, Karo Mrozkova and Maritza Veer by Michael Donovan

And so Donovan’s photo shoot is one of this weekend’s indulgences. Look over it by clicking on the thumbnails above (ensure that you start with the first photo) and you’ll be taken through a narrative unsupported by text. And thus, it’s a narrative that you are free to interpret. Are we voyeurs privy to destructive relationships? Are we privy to shared relationship? For this photo shoot, that much is in the mind of the beholder.

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