Gritty… sexual… seductive… Mohamed Gaff creates a femme fatale fuelled fashion shoot with the sexual strength and fire of a woman in charge. Armed with the classical and chic black dresscode, stylist Lida Lund creates a versatile framework for this fierce and fiery shoot.

Cloth of lace, sequins, ruffles, silk and leather are used to create a multitude of looks all done in the seductive and fulsome colour of black. The clothing is all indicative of sexuality and plays immense compliment to the female form: corsets and see-through netting hugging and revealing in all the right places. Lung makes use of steely metallic jewellery to compliment and enhance the look – both delicate and chunky, each accessory completes the overall look in each individual portrait.

Nightwolf by Mohamed Gaff

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Nightwolf by Mohamed Gaff (NSFW)
Nightwolf by Mohamed Gaff (NSFW)
Nightwolf by Mohamed Gaff (NSFW)
Nightwolf by Mohamed Gaff (NSFW)
Nightwolf by Mohamed Gaff (NSFW)
Nightwolf by Mohamed Gaff (NSFW)

Make up, by Phuong Thai, is dark and focused – pulling accentuation towards the eyes and lips, giving them life and hidden meaning. The sleek-back hair, by Janni Drivilas, continues with this carnal concentration. With final emphasis Gaff uses a cosmopolitan scene to bring it all to life with colour, light and texture.

Unearth more scenes from Mohammed Gaff’s photography ( by going into the gallery.

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