Imagine yourself embarking on your daily ride with the subway, the same stations passing you by, other hopeless thoughts running through your head. Just an ordinary night, when the seats are all empty, the seconds are slowly morphing into minutes, as the noise collides with the sound of silence. And just as the doors are about to close for one more time, enters her. Not your average lady, but more of a ticking time bomb. Untamed, wild, a prisoner of her own world. You can tell she’s like nobody else, dark and deep, and Katya Tsyganova captured her in all of her splendour.

punk goth fashion styling

You think you can look away and simply resume your thinking when you’re suddenly drawn back to those severe cat eyes, those dark lips and that crazy styling that however bold you just know it complements her entire being. Because in the end it’s those green stripes, red sparkles, sexy tights and circular sunnies to fully transform her into the wild thing that takes your breath away.

Starring Julia Koko styled by Julia Pyndychuk, with hair and make-up by Irina Saptsova, you can view the complete photo shoot by Katya Tsyganova (KatyaTsyganovaPhotography) at the gallery.

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