Brown is not an easy colour to wear. It’s the sartorial equivalent of foggy day in London sans the potentially romantic connotations. It’s not the colour’s fault, of course – it’s us. We’re genetically predisposed to loathe the colour. Go to a job interview wearing a brown suit and the odds are the job won’t be yours, despite the MBA from Oxbridge. Go on a date wearing it and the luckiest you’ll get is if your companion for the evening offers to go Dutch. Yet if there was ever a time that you could not only wear brown but easily rock it, it’s now.

With 70s fashion well and truly back in for now and 2012, brown has never stood such a chance of positively setting itself apart in the sartorial stakes. Admittedly however, that has more to do with the garments being woven in the colour, and far less to do with any growing appreciation we’re all feeling for the shade itself.

Case in point, these recent street snaps of Olivia Palermo. Take away the flared jeans and the look becomes a whole lot less interesting.

olivia palermo flares

Take away the fur, and the look because a whole lot more PETA friendly.

Olivia Palermo‘s jeans are a Birkin cut high-waist kick flares from Reiss.

olivia palermo flares


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