Pure Gothicism

Whenever Max.Tan release their seasonal ad campaigns, they’re expected to redefine the silhouette of the body in the most unconventional fashion. With every collection, a new vision is seen in the tailoring. The construction of the body takes on a new precision and accuracy. One that shies away from what all other contemporary labels are doing.

The campaign for spring / summer 2012 has a similar aesthetic of deserted minimalism. The unstructured robes bring Asian influences in the picture, specifically with their gothic reference. The absence of dark hues, crazy hair or smoky make-up might draw a contrary portrait, however, the drapery of clothes and overcast photography support the former.

max.tan ss12

Click the thumbnails for full pictures:
MAX.TAN S/S '12 Campaign
MAX.TAN S/S '12 Campaign
MAX.TAN S/S '12 Campaign
MAX.TAN S/S '12 Campaign
MAX.TAN S/S '12 Campaign
MAX.TAN S/S '12 Campaign

The body is concealed, much like what a traditional kimono does, but Max.Tan has taken a modern approach. The pieces have concealed the body and camouflaged its shape into something new. The body is lost amongst all the layers, whilst it’s still the point of focus for the garment.

It’s pure, mysterious and secretly vicious in its entity.

Click on the images in the gallery above to peruse the merger of this east-west philosophy in Max.Tan’s Liberate Spring 2012 collection.

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