2013 in review: 10 hotter-than-hot fashion shoots.

We could just direct you to anything Edita Vilkeviciute did this year or anything Emily Ratajkowski did ever, but that wouldn’t be very challenging for us, or provide much variety to you. The bucketloads of pure sexy that we’ve featured in 2013 have given continued weight to the relationship between clothing and skin, between fashion and sensuality. There’s no real need to offer description as to why these are some of the 10 hottest shoots we’ve had the pleasure of featuring (and, again, this is to single out just a few): the pictures speak for themselves.

Below: 10 mind-blowingly sexy photoshoots from 2013. Click through for the full shoots. (Note: some are NSFW. Duh.)

sexiest fashion shoots

1. Zoe Aggeliki by Pierre Dal Corso.

pierre dal corso for galore mag

2. Joyce by Enric Galceran for Bambi.

joyce verheyen nude shoot

3. Home Alone by Ivor Paanakker.

home alone by ivor paanakker

4. Nastya by Aaron Feaver.

topless in tulle

5. Aiste by Pino Leone for Bambi.

naked in the rain

6. Pierre Dal Corso for Mise En Cage.

pierre dal corso mise en cage

7. Cisco by David Bellemere for Treats!.

cisco by david bellemere

8. Eyes Wide Shut by Nicolas Guerin for Prestige International.

eyes wide shut fashion shoot

9. Simona by Vali Barbulescu.

riding in cars with girls

10. Kate by Alyona Kuzmina & Anna Mihalchencova.

kate by alyona

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