The end of the summer fashion season is nearing, you haven’t added any significant pieces to your wardrobe in weeks (perhaps even months), and your interpretation of one of the most whimsical parts of the fashion year is starting to feel repetitive. Sound familiar? Then look no further!

A number of more or less willing stylistas attending Sunday’s Florence + The Machine concert at White River State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana offer up summer trend inspiration that might help you re-envision your summer wardrobe during the homestretch of the season. Check out the photos below and corresponding commentary on the highlights of their ensembles.

Street style at Florence And The Machine

This gent is a great example of some key insights for men. If the patterns/prints trend in menswear has phased you (maybe even mortified you) if you are more of a subtle minimalist, take heart in that this trend doesn’t have to be worn as gaudily as possible. The subtlety of the print here does the trick without overdoing it and proves that the trend can be worn casually without much trouble at all. The second lesson is from his color scheme, or lack thereof. Don’t be afraid to break out neutrals, even during summer, although perhaps consider accenting a largely neutral outfit with a touch of brightness in an accessory.

festival style at florence and the machine

Alright ladies, while the damsel here has excellent cohesiveness throughout her entire outfit, there are couple highlights to note. Her open vest with fringe is not only current but very versatile – a piece she can use to dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion. Seasonal purchases don’t necessarily have to be pieces that you toss out come next era or that are limited to only a couple looks. Next, consider her coral-colored footwear. Strappy sandals are a great summer look, but think about making more a statement with your shoes by adding some color to your emsemble with them. It can be riskier, but she successfully pulls together the whole look with that one detail.

festival style

One of the details to emphasize with this threesome is the excellent summer tank sported by the lad. Even if you’re not into graphics, simple icons, like the anchor, can easily help define a summer look. His jean shorts also have a great worn-in effect that sings summer comfort. With the ladies, the right-most gal’s wide-brim hat makes the entirety of her ensemble undeniably summery.

concert street style

The final participant is perhaps the most memorable. Her cropped top and tribal print skirt are both very on-point with the direction of the season. If you’re hesitant to invest in a pattern that you think may be out shortly, consider incorporating it via a less expensive piece, like her floral neckerchief. However, this outfit’s greatest success is within the conceptual contrast she creates by including a necklace featuring the ribcage and pelvis of a skeleton, which in conjunction with her black fingernail polish add a darker, thought-provoking element to her otherwise lackadaisical summer tone. Try revealing your own shadowy side to effortlessly add depth to any look.

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