When we look at the way women wear trousers now, it’s hard to imagine that before the 1920s women were restrained by corsets and long skirts. Coco Chanel was one of the first women who left her corset in her closet and wore trousers in public. After all, a woman like her cannot be restrained.

Women today are much like Madame Chanel: lines of gender roles are now blurred and this photo shoot by Sabine Legrand is a representation of that. Aptly entitled “Take It From The Girl” the photos and the styling reflect the androgynous fashion trend that has been going around for quite some time. Androgyny is a reflection of how women have evolved, they are no longer confined at home and they are far from delicate.

sabine legrand photo shoot

This shoot shows that there is nothing wrong about “wearing the pants” and how a woman should never be afraid to take control of her life, just like Coco Chanel who has left a permanent mark in the hearts of women all over the world. This doesn’t mean that we’ll run around and completely forget being feminine, it’s about balancing everything just as what we see in these photos: soft yet strong with a sophisticated elegance that makes an impact.

The shoot was styled by Hania Glapa, with makeup by La’tecia Thomas. Featuring model Sophia Walker, you can view the full shoot by Sabine Legrand by clicking on the gallery.

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