The decadence of the female form

Curves and arcs, the shadows cast by an ample bosom and the mysteries of voluptuous hips… these are all the qualities of a woman in full bloom – a woman who is in embrace with her curvaceous and feminine figure. This is what this fashion shoot by Julia Kiecksee (assisted by Felix Preuss) looks to achieve. “Oh My Marilyn” is the perfect representation, and celebration, of a woman welcoming the arches and folds that come with womanhood.

With Marilyn Monroe being one of the most classic and definitive female icons it is little wonder that her manner, appearance and pose are often pulled upon as a means to reinforce her womanly ideals. Paula Cassara and Ines Schult capture this essence of raw beauty and sexuality exquisitely as they transform model, Sarina Nowak, into a glamorous, sexual and feminine being worthy of Marilyn status.


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Oh My Marilyn by Julia Kiecksee
Oh My Marilyn by Julia Kiecksee
Oh My Marilyn by Julia Kiecksee
Oh My Marilyn by Julia Kiecksee
Oh My Marilyn by Julia Kiecksee
Oh My Marilyn by Julia Kiecksee

Luscious lips, dark sultry eyes and blown-out hair all come together to enhance the features of this alluring woman. The feminine ability of Nowak has also been exemplified through accessories of large elaborate earrings, decadent apparel and sequenced detail.

Femininity has never looked so enthralling and captivating, with such a curvaceous silhouette and eyes that could pierce your soul it is no wonder that the female form receives so much awe and adoration.

Check out the full shoot by Julia Kiecksee ( by clicking on the thumbnails.

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