Written by Tania Braukämper
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The gaping Halle Freyssinet was built in the 1920s as a railway hall, and it’s one of those venues that always amplifies the drama of any runway show tenfold. The antithesis to all the gilt mirrored, chandelier-dripped Parisian show sites, the industrial mood of the place became central to the snaking, smoke-filled runway at last night’s Mugler show.

And while it was the Golden Age of air travel that Sebastien Peigne and Nicola Formichetti were musing on – not the locomotive force of early railways – the link was there. It was a show reminiscing on a time that looked optimistically towards the future: embracing both the opulent and industrial, the sleek and textured.

You can see all the outfits in the Mugler fall 2013 runway gallery, but the best view of the runway drama was the view from the sidelines. These shots were taken from the audience, the show as I got to see it.

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