Art lovers be aware. The renaissance is upon us and it comes in the form of a delicately painted, beautifully coloured, elegantly fashioned photography shoot by Dalton Louis.

The artful nature behind this fashion shoot combines the still life of painted works (reminiscent of those done by painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir) with the organic and breathing nature of captured human portraits. Stylist, Ivanna Goldenberg, uses colour and floral print to transform this shoot into a contemporary rendition on impressionist style artwork. Combined with post-production work of a paintbrush effect this shoot truly transports the viewer to a beautiful and almost lost time. Louis practices in particularly unusual shoots (see more of Dalton Louis’ work here) where model, stylist, photographic composition and post-production all play an important role in working together.

dalton louis renoir

For more eloquent and innovative creations from the Dalton Louis ( and Ivanna Goldenberg ( combo click on the gallery.

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