The Louis Vuitton dash.

Dans le Moment.

The Louis Vuitton dash
Written by Tania Braukämper
fashionising on pinterest :

It’s an accepted part of the fashion week reality: shows never start on time. But just as there’s an exception to every rule, Louis Vuitton is the exception in Paris. If the invite says 10am, they mean 10am.

That results in the Louis Vuitton dash, of which no fashion editor, photographer, or socialite is exempt.

Such is the case this morning. The church bell chimes 10 o’clock and all the visitors run for the doors like Cinderellas after midnight. “Never send to know for whom the bell tolls,” a nearby photographer-slash-literateuse quotes from an aptly selected John Donne passage, with what could be just an tinge of gleeful schadenfreude. “It tolls for thee, latecomers.”

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