This is me: Technicolor Tribe

That a single beauty manages to capture and mesmerize is one of the many advantageous things that exists about fashion and fashion photography. Both the complex and simple beauty that lies within model, Archana Akhil Kumar, is something that draws the viewer in, lets them in on the secret that is this singular attraction.

Photographer, Aashith Shetty, creates a portrait style sequence of events, focusing on the slender lines of Kumar’s upper body and the enamoring features of her face and skin. Shetty creates a constant connection between the camera and the eyes of Kumar: dark, piercing, complex, captivating, sensual, soulful.

Archana Akhil Kumar

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Technicolor Tribe
Technicolor Tribe
Technicolor Tribe
Technicolor Tribe
Technicolor Tribe

The style in this shoot echo’s a sort of modern tribalism, with a kaleidoscope of colour coming through in both the clothing and the make-up. In fact it is this juxtaposition done by stylist, Mayuri Sarof, and make-up artist, Ralph Daniels that sets the style and fashionable theme for this shoot. Hints of tribal patterns etched across Kumar’s forehead, the edgings of blue eyeliner and the extension on the eyelashes build and create the focus on the beautiful and piercing nature of the eyes. Sarof uses a range of colours, styles, materials and accessories in this shoot, not moving shy of what could be perceived as modern or as folk-like or even child-like. The collection is complete and the impact is clear.

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