Mistake versus flair

Ah, the angst. When someone has a part of their look that’s skew-whiff, do you tell them? Do you tell the person leaving the toilet that they have paper stuck to their shoe? Or the freshly dined person that they have something in their teeth? You probably should, but often there’s that angst of running the risk of embarrassing them versus letting them go on blissfully unawares. What then when the ‘mistake’ potentially isn’t one – just as is the case with just about every fashion week outfit you can imagine.

Do you tell the chap in a linen suit that it’s all perfect save for the fact that his tie is outside his jacket?

tie untucked suit

Or do you stand back and admire the nonchalantness of wearing a linen suit with Adidas trainers, and in turn admire the folded back jacket sleeves? After all, a chap who can make casual a good suit wouldn’t make the mistake of leaving his tie untucked, would he? Maybe.

And then there’s the other thing: commenting, nay correcting, an individual’s defined style might be the biggest faux pas of all.

tie untucked suit jacket

This look was snapped before Prada’s men’s spring 2014 Milan fashion week showing by Tania Braukamper.

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