A struggle between what lies in the past and what awaits in the future, a revolution might not be a bed of roses, but sometimes it stands as the one true possibility to set the spirit free. Inspired by those who dare fight to change their lives, by those who refuse to put on a mask and trade their feelings, by those who continuously choose to carry their battles, led by the personal turmoils stirred up on the inside, photographer Yulia Zhdan and stylist Olga Sadovskaya gifted the Ukrainian revolution with a soul.

Ukrainian revolution fashion shoot

A soul, a voice and a face unified in a dramatic photo shoot that puts Hanna Bogdan center stage, her manifesto reinforced by a string of garments conceived by Ukrainian designers such as Mironenko, Kamenskayakononova and Sasha Kanevski. Dark and moody, mirroring both the strength and the struggle, each piece of clothing paints a different scenario, although in the end they all share the same purpose.

Featuring hair and make-up by Olga Svarga, and nails by Oksana Shulz, you can view the complete photo shoot by Yulia Zhdan at the gallery. For more of Yulia’s photography work, check her website at yulzh.com.

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