Herein lies a photographic shoot that simultaneously meets the requirements of raw sexuality and refined photography. Photographer Bernard Gueit creates a powerfully seductive shoot with a fusion of colour, clothing and insolence. This retro style of editing brings the shoot together in a comprehensive and flavour filled fashion- with mirror images, saturated hues and blasts of block colouring.

Bernard Gueit for Culture Magazine

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Exhale by Bernard Gueit for Culture Magazine
Exhale by Bernard Gueit for Culture Magazine
Exhale by Bernard Gueit for Culture Magazine

The actual apparel featured in the shoot is sensuously wrapping the model’s figure, showing off her curvaceous value and skin presence. Feathers, silk and lace appeal to the boudoir style of fashion: further promoting that sexual presence so wondrously enclosed in this photography shoot. Hair and make-up, both done by Kate Blainey, is wild and dark, emphasising the uninhabited nature within each portrait.

Discover more of Bernard Gueit’s photography by clicking on the gallery.

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