VDP’s mannequin models.

Dans le Moment.

VDP Via Delle Perle spring 2013VDP Via Delle Perle spring 2013VDP Via Delle Perle spring 2013
Written by Tania Braukämper
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Audrey Hepburn meets Rene Magritte. That was the brief, in a nutshell, of VDP’s spring 2013 presentation at Milan fashion week. The oversized black hats and sunglasses were the classic screen star – but here she was exploring her surrealist side. Stepping into the installation at the Grand Hotel you couldn’t help but be roadblocked by a conundrum: which were the real models and which were the mannequins? It wasn’t any accident that the installation – filled with VDP’s bright and glamorous spring swimwear pieces – provoked that question. It was all part of the Magritte-inspired surrealist slant.

Photos: Tania Braukamper for Fashionising.com

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