A laid back-attitude, moments of indulgence, a sparkle in the eyes and instants of pure sublimity. Once in a while we find ourselves scratching under the surface only to allow the simple beauty to shine even brighter. Photographer Dre Chez captured the perfect essence of bare-skin beauty in a shoot that’s strong without being pretentious, and beautiful without being overwhelming.

Styled to a minimal, with a natural makeup that only enhances her colouring, Ana Leigh is that perfectly subtle mix between gentle and hard, that clearly stands out and causes a reflection. Set against a demure backdrop that complements the discreet atmosphere, Ana’s strong body movement makes for a contrasting, yet empowering statement.

Weekend beauty

Take a look at the complete tantalizing shoot styled by Ari Harris, with hair and make up by Talysha Monee by clicking on the thumbnails and visiting the gallery.

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