Tough and bold, untamed and powerful, naughty and nice, these would be the words fit to describe Amani Fazi’s story of collapsing duality that sets the mood for his brilliant photoshoot suggestively entitled Forces Collide. Leather accents meet over-the-knee boots, high-heels join forces with full-length gloves, while a police man hat figuratively worn under an exquisite kerchief hints towards the stronger and deeper meaning of dual forces.

The aggressive styling envisioned by Manuel Spiropoulos randomly mixes army elements with edgy masculine accents, sparkling tops with tartan bottoms, patent leather with luxurious fur, all topped with gold statement accessories for an extravagant visual experience that hides meaning behind an apparently chaotic surface.

Amani Faiz Forces Collide

Suzi Leenars and Giselle Field perfectly portray the distinct, yet unbreakable forces, with help coming from the smart looks created by hair-stylist and make-up artist Nicola Johnson. To experience the complete Amani Fazi ( shoot, click on the thumbnails and browse the gallery.

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