Yellow farm: aliens to the simple life

Rural settings almost always feel like a breath of fresh air in photo shoots. With a lot of us suffering from the hustle and bustle of modern living, it’s always nice to be reminded of the simple life.

Leandro Ramos in his shoot entitled “Yellow Farm” takes us to a much simpler and hassle free place. Taken amidst a sea of corn fields, it feels almost dreamlike. Adding to this surreal feel of the shoot is the styling by Ronaldo Gomez which is very modern. Combining the styling and setting together is reminiscent of crop circles and how they are associated with the presence of aliens. Come to think of it, the models are really aliens: they don’t belong in the farm with their tight fitting dresses, otherworldly poses and futuristic visors.

futuristic photo shoot

Click the thumbnails for full pictures:
Yellow Farm by Leandro Ramos
Yellow Farm by Leandro Ramos
Yellow Farm by Leandro Ramos
Yellow Farm by Leandro Ramos
Yellow Farm by Leandro Ramos
Yellow Farm by Leandro Ramos

The combination of simple or classic with modern made this photo shoot very interesting and thought provoking. Are we so caught up with our modern world that we are aliens to the less complicated way of living?

View the full shoot featuring models Bruna and Brenda Campano, shot by Leandro Ramos ( by clicking on the gallery.

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