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5 sweater-weather, textured hairstyles to try this fall

It’s officially sweater weather, which means is time to snug up in cozy knitwear and warm layers, get comfy in chunky silhouettes and tuck up in high necks. For the hair to match the easful mood you just need to spice things up with a little bit of texture, with some serious braided or knotted detailing, overall indulging in those hairstyles that are meant to…

What Miranda Kerr wore: leather in Paris

Leather doesn’t necessarily have to look tough. In fact, it can look polished and feminine, as Miranda Kerr so aptly demonstrated in Paris this week. She paired her perforated leather skirt and green leather jacket with an ornately printed blouse and chunky black boots.

There’s no such thing as too much sexy (NSFW)

Is there such a thing as too hot? A woman too sexy? An artistic portrayal too racy? Perhaps not, especially in a field where photography is envisioned to morph into art, a place where the lines between sex and fashion become vaguer by day, the kind of space where sensuality is allowed to take on multiple facets, ranging from the softest of soft to the…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Girly with an edge: off duty in Paris

While we envisage the trend towards girly, Lolita-esque fashion to involve sugary pinks, there’s nothing to say it can’t be executed in black and white. Adding an edge to a diaphanous white dress with black bow was a pair of thigh-high boots as worn by this off duty model in Paris.