When I revealed my not-so-secret love of the clear plastic coats that went down Mimco’s VAMFF (Melbourne fashion festival) runway, it didn’t take long for other like-minded individuals to share their similar sentiments. And in fact all the questions that came my way centered on one thing: where to buy one?

So here’s an update: the designer of the plastic coats and dresses was actually Melbourne-based Kathryn Beker, who collaborated with Mimco to create the one-off show pieces. Kathryn tells us they won’t be available in store – but that she may be able to run a few limited edition pieces by request.

mimco autumn 2011

Visit http://www.kathrynbeker.com/, and stay tuned as we’ll be featuring more of Kathryn’s work soon as well as further updates on the plastic pieces.

You can also check out the runway coverage, photographed by Kelly Delfina, at the gallery below.

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