Fashion shows.

Closing Nicolas Andreas Taralis

Haunting black and white sheer dresses were the thing that most stuck in your mind after leaving Nicolas Andreas Taralis’ Paris fashion week show. It wouldn’t matter if you wore these with chunky boots – as they were worn on the runway – or with delicate stiletto sandals: either way would be equally ethereal.

Plein’s girls played guitar (gallery)

Well ok – Philipp Plein’s models didn’t quite play guitar. A live band did, giving Plein’s glamed-up rocker girls something to strut too. That’s no barrier to a musical instrument as a prop-slash-accessory though. And for Plein’s Milan fashion week show the guitars carried by some models were just as embellished as the clothing. Click through the gallery to see some runway moments from Philipp…

VDP’s mannequin models

Audrey Hepburn meets Rene Magritte. That was the brief, in a nutshell, of VDP’s spring 2013 presentation at Milan fashion week. The oversized black hats and sunglasses were the classic screen star – but here she was exploring her surrealist side. Stepping into the installation at the Grand Hotel you couldn’t help but be roadblocked by a conundrum: which were the real models and which…

The elegance at Pringle

Hosted at Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair, Pringle of Scotland’s spring 2013 presentation was a treat on multiple levels. If you weren’t captivated by the antique hotel interior or busy sipping on tea, it was certainly the models grabbing your attention: gracefully weaving through the suite with a vintage-inspired look about them. Pringle’s collection resonated with a 1950s vibe that was perfectly matched from head to…

A front row view of Paul Smith (gallery)

Paul Smith’s spring 2013 collection had a beautiful richness to it. The silk fabrics, the blocks of luxurious and yet optimistic colour, the bright space of the Granary at Central St Martin’s… The London fashion week show all felt distinctly like a sister event to his menswear show in Paris. Giving you an alternative view to the down-the-line runway, these shots offer a little peek…

Aline Weber runs for it

She was the second model I’d seen running this Paris fashion week. The first was Anna Selezneva leaving Balmain’s fall 2012 showing – Anna ran away from the street style photographers as fast as her immaculately toned legs would carry her. Aline Weber was the second.

Walking on air at Indonesia Fashion Week

The rainbow of kaleidescopic colour brought to Indonesia Fashion Week by Lenny Agustin for her Lennor line wouldn’t have been complete without the equally bold and bright footwear. Despite the cutaway wedges that left models walking partly on air, there were no stumbles – or tumbles – at yesterday’s show.

ZZegna through Dello Russo’s eyes

What is it like to soak up the fashion week atmosphere in Milan? The interesting thing about this question is that the experience is different for everyone. So the more intriguing question might actually be, what is it like to attend a Milan fashion week show when you happen to be Anna Dello Russo? Dello Russo gets to see things that others don’t see. She’d…

The stairs at Dior

Many of the pieces in the Dior Haute Couture SS12 collection were given a modern twist: a hint of skin under sheer fabric, a traditional cut transposed to a non-traditional fabric… but then there were pieces like this one that could have stepped straight out of another time. Ruffles of red extending down a winging staircase make for an eye-catching moment.