Tree Of Life’s Nomad Bazaar

Australian label Tree Of Life brings another dose of bohemian style with their “Nomad Bazaar” lookbook. Featuring earthy colours, ethnic prints, and free-spirited accessories, you can see the whole set of images at the gallery.

The slip that works in winter

One usually tends to associate a slip dress with a hot summer’s day, all the more if the silky frock comes bearing a delicious shade of mint green and a side slit that unapologetically reaches the thigh. But layer the minty piece over a basic top, match it to a pastel-hued shearling coat and style it with a pair of black patent booties, to watch…

The mystery behind these stunning art-nudes

What do we know about the photographer who took this arresting set of art-nudes featuring the ultimate body muse, Taryn Andreatta? Nothing at all, except that said photographer is male, and that he crouched in the desert sands of some anonymous locale, camera in hand, seeking out the best angles between sunrays and dunes and model. The fact that the photographer and location remain a…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Cora Keegan is a badass babe for Lovers + Drifters Club

Cora Keegan looking badass in a SEX: Breakfast of Champions tee, cigarette dangling from lips. The inclusion of 1990s styling like Courtney Love-esque tiaras and shaggy fur jackets. Boots and undies, bare breasts, and burning cars. Need we say any more? Photographed by Jason Lee Parry, the latest imagery from Lovers + Drifters Club is for the bad girl in you.

Outfit-making accessory you need: the perfect hat

Sure a feminine outfit consisting of a darling black lace top and a full, painterly printed skirt is enough to catch one’s eye, particularly if worn with indisputable grace, but what if you could actually make the ensemble look even more stylish and eccentric? Enter the outfit-making accessory every woman needs in her closet: a perfect hat. Photographed in Paris, the it accessory stole the…