Fashion podcast.

Podcast: 10 new trends + best of the last decade

In our final Insight for not just 2009 but the decade, editors Daniel P Dykes, Tania Braukamper, and Allan Barger look back at a decade of fashion and what we’ll remember 2009 for. Of course, it wouldn’t be without looking forwards too and there’s an in depth look at ten new 2010 fashion trends alongside a discussion of fashion for the next…

Top 10 models of 2009

In our last fashion podcast we named our picks for the top editorials of 2009. But where would those editorials be without the allure of the models who star in them? Whether runway queens or editorial chameleons, the fashion world owes volumes to the models who underpin it. So as the year rolls to an end, we announce our list of 2009’s top models.

Top 12 fashion editorials of 2009

Each month, hundreds (if not thousands) of fashion pictures compete for our attention. Some are edgy, succeeding to push the envelope a little further, be it in their photographic techniques, social context, or use of nudity. Some are expertly styled; some phenomenally photographed; and with some their strength lies in the models who are at their core. So which magazine photoshoots really stood out to…

Podcast: A controversial trend, Christmas & skin

This week’s fashion podcast finds fashion inspiration in two new British films, bemoans Flair magazine following up a Daria Werbowy cover with Lady Gaga, finds comfort in a standout editorial featuring Daria, and takes a look at the state of retail in the lead up to Christmas. Naturally, there’s also all the fashion trend analysis that you’d expect from editors Daniel P Dykes, Tania…

Podcast: A preview of Spring 2010

The return episode of our fashion podcast sees’s Daniel P Dykes, Tania Braukamper, and Allan Barger discuss upcoming Spring 2010 fashion trends; name the month’s most noteworthy celebrity dresser; and test out inhalable chocolate. The new military: Balmain’s warrior woman, Spring 2010