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Daniel P Dykes in GQ Russia

Tel-Aviv hosts 5 very dedicated followers of fashion
“I wanted to know why Israeli fashion is the way it is,” said fashion blogger extraordinaire Daniel Dykes, sipping his cocktail at the super chic and newly-renovated Rothschild Hotel in Tel Aviv last week…
By Lauren Izso; November, 2012.

Daniel Paul Dykes talks fashion,
A look at his blog and website offers a glimpse at the man behind the fashioniser. Interpreting fashion within the context of designers and previous runway shows is one thing, but the ability to understand how our environment, economy and ever-changing subcultures all factor into what we see in editorials, fashion week, and in street style requires a much deeper level of introspection and global awareness. Daniel does both these things and brings his intrepid views and bold voice to
By Daniel Haim; July, 2012.

The world’s most popular fashion bloggers visit Israel
In Hebrew
November, 2012.

World’s Top Fashion Bloggers Review Tel Aviv
By Arsen Ostrovsky; November, 2012

I’m a Child of the Digital Age – Interview with the Editor-in-Chief of
“A few weeks ago I interviewed an international blogger (Eleonora Carisi) and a design prodigy, (Kathryn Beker) for you. This time, I dug a little deeper into my networks trying to think of someone else I deeply admire and respect… I nearly jumped out of my seat when Daniel, the Editor-in-Chief of, popped into my head. Stylish, suave, articulate and insightful, Daniel shared words of wisdom about blogging with me at a Christmas event last year. What he informed me has helped shape to be what it is today. Here I ask him to let us into the Fashionising world and pick his brain about digital media.
By Cecylia Kee; May, 2012.

Daniel P Dykes on quality men’s footwear
Techmag, China; 2012

‘5 key points about menswear’ – fashion week panel with Daniel P Dykes
Daniel P Dykes explains the transformative power of the suit as key for men who want to dress “not for where they are now, but where they want to be”.
September, 2011.

Thoughts by Daniel P Dykes in ‘The Fashion Designer Guide’
The ability to design in-line with where their intended market is and more importantly, where it is going. Take the military trend, great designers such as Burberry’s Christopher Bailey have moved on from it at the same time as their customers have. Good or ‘okay’ designers are still working with it, failing to notice the wider social change.
2011. and Australian Fashion Week
Techmag, China; 2010 and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week
FASHIONTREND Magazine, Australia; 2009

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Daniel P Dykes.

As Editor-in-chief of, Daniel is naturally immersed in the world of fashion. But he takes to it with a big-picture view and can be found closely watching the direction of the industry as a whole – analysing trends and predicting where the commercial aspects are headed in the future. He is currently combining that expertise, along with his 13 years of digital media experience, into his next fashion startup, PR Heart. Daniel’s interest in the online space is far broader, courtesy of a background in technology and a passionate belief in the potential for digital media to democratise and empower what we consume.

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