A fashion week and an era comes around

It was something of an experience that saw Fashionising.com ease into New York fashion week this evening. A taxi trip from Madison Avenue to SoHo gave us a cultural lesson in ‘blocking the box’ and a rather deep insight into just how New York taxi drivers communicate with other drivers they’re not too fond of. Experience had, it was time for another.

To the sound of David Bowie’s Jean Genie the fall 2011 showings of this city’s fashion week kicked off under the high ceilings of the Soho Grand Hotel with What Goes Around Comes Around‘s (WGACA) showing. Their choice of opening song couldn’t have been more appropriate: it not only gave a hint as to the fact that this is a collection for the fast living, cool kids, but it also reveals that it’s a collection inspired by the thing driving most of this year’s aesthetic, 70s fashion.

And it was an era whose influence was felt in full, almost as if WGACA’s clothes had materialised on the catwalk direct from 1972 along with Bowie’s lead track. It had other similarities with Bowie as well. The overall feel of the collection wasn’t one of the international 1970s fashion scene, but specifically the American one – or at least as we romanticise American fashion to have been during that period. Similarly, Bowie’s song, which helped thrust Ziggy Stardust upon the world, was also influenced by the way he imagined America to be.

A mixture of men’s and women’s fashion, the men’s fall 2011 offering from WGACA’s is casual 70s re-imagined while the women’s provides a broader mix. Beginning with a statement of a leopard print jumpsuit, WGACA’s fall 2011 women’s pieces take in everything the people who didn’t live through the 70s imagine it to have been about: from hot little numbers to glammed up flowing dresses for the daytime, to sheer maxi dresses and crochet bell bottoms for the evening. And each of them is about glamour. The sort of glamour that it feels like the forthcoming Tom Ford women’s collection captures. Obviously What Goes Around Comes Around’s collection isn’t at the same level as Ford’s, but it does feel like the original inspiration was similar.

You can see all the pictures of What Goes Around Comes Around‘s autumn (fall) / winter 2011 / 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below. And don’t forget that you can keep up with the best of New York fashion week by keeping an eye on Fashionising.com over the coming week.