A furred debut for a cold city

Update: pictures of the key catwalk looks are now online. You’ll find them at the bottom fo this article.

The use of fur is a point of controversy, one that divides without compromise. On a Copenhagen afternoon, where the mercury struggled to pass 0 degrees and animal activists confronted show goers with graphic images of fur being farmed, it was easy to see both sides of the debate; it’s both hard to label fur as ethical, while easy enough to to label it as functional.

With fur as the feature element, Copenhagen fashion week debuted under the sheeted ceiling of the city’s City Hall. Opting for capsule collections from a selection international designers, the catwalk played host to specially crafted pieces from the likes of Issa, Lars Wallin and J. Mendel. Capsule collections where fur was often more of an accent then a dominant feature. Dominated by elegant, women’s looks that pounded the tiled hall’s floors this was first hand evidence of fur’s enduring appeal: form and function, with the latter offering a level of elegance likely to be the key to fur’s continued place is so many wardrobes.

You’ll find pictures from the official Copenhagen fashion week opening show by Kopenhagen Fur, which included designs from featuring Gaspard Yurkievich, Lars Wallin, Mila Schon, Maria Buccellati, J. Mendel, Anne Valerie Hash, Soulland, On Aura Tout Vu, and Issa, by clicking on the thumbnails below.