AG = Australian Gaucho

If you’re the kind of fashioniser that likes to work themes into your wardrobe then the Arthur Galan AG autumn / winter 2011 women’s collection may just have something for you. That is, of course, if your theme of choice has a distinctly Western edge to it. For that is what Galan offered up to the Melbourne fashion festival on a catwalk that paired poncho cuts with over the knee boots.

Galan isn’t the only designer to lean towards a gaucho aesthetic, but he’s one of the few Australian designers to do so. And for the most part he succeeded, with the collection offering up key statement looks. It wasn’t all perfect, however; personally I’d think twice about the brown and black leather dresses – they photographed well, but there was something amiss with them in person, it felt as if the quality wasn’t quite there. And a fashioniser should never settle for a statement piece whose quality isn’t overtly great.

You can see all the photos of Arthur Galan AG‘s LMFF 2011 showing by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the gallery.