Acne men’s: growing up

I’ve always taken Acne as something of a casual brand; fashionable and with an edge, but casual all the same. Perusing their Melbourne store (of any of their stores for that matter) there’s a small selection of tailored wear, but the store is dominated by something from the other end of the menswear section. Yet for their fall 2011 men’s offering, shown recently at Paris fashion week, the opposite were true. Gone was the dominance of refined casual. In it’s place were tailored pieces. Acne had grown up.

And they were their own words:

We felt like it was time to dress up, scrub up, like every day is an occasion to look your best. It is still a casual look, but somehow a bit more polished and cleaner. When did you last see young boys in proper coats, a well-ironed shirt and neat trousers?

And no part is truer of Acne’s sentiments about their own collection then the fact that it remains casual. For every peaked lapel, there’s a print sweater, and despite all the tailoring no suit is dressed up with a shirt but instead is toned down with a crew neck or a turtle neck. The cuts too are casual – something perfect for the coming season’s return to relaxed tailoring for men.

You can see all of Acne‘s men’s autumn / fall 2011 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below.