Adjustable sensuality: Luca Luca

With the exception of, perhaps, one long teal-blue evening gown that was a bit too satiny for my taste, everything about Luca Luca’s spring 2012 collection had a feeling of absolute freshness. It was there in the crisp white dresses as much as in the warm spring tones, the aqua and the soft citrus green. And citrus is a key word here: it’s a palette we’re seeing plenty of, and you can expect next summer to be full of it: lemons and limes and pink grapefruits and glossy clementines.

But the colours weren’t the only precursor to the season. Luca Luca’s hints of skin are both deliberate and telling.

The show notes describe:

“Wrap, tie and button closures allow the wearer the versatility of concealing or revealing as little or as much as the occasion requires.”

You can notice this in tiny buttons that dot their way up the outside of pant legs and skirts. You notice it in dresses with slits up both thighs that have a layer of lining under sheer, so that with movement the lining swishes aside the sheer takes over. It’s evident in bared shoulders, and tulip hems, and flapping sleeves that button underneath. Sensuality in clothing is big business as is sensuality in editorial – but it’s a subjective notion. So Luca Luca’s way of consciously putting it out there on an adjustable scale is a solution we hope to see more of.

For the full runway coverage of Luca Luca‘s spring 2012 collection, as shown at New York Fashion Week, click on the thumbnails above.