Alice Euphemia have a wow moment

If sharp gasps and audible “wow”s are a measure of a successful runway, then Alice Euphemia’s MSFW (Melbourne fashion week) show had one stellar moment. Kate Peck emerged in a floor length black dress, cut away at the shoulders and overlaid with a sheer skirt printed in the silhouette of a city skyline. Its other decorative element was a series of printed-on watches; its torso a starry sky. A photo can’t quite do justice to the movement, but suffice to say the gasps and wows were indeed audible.

That was the stand out moment, but the Nicholas Building boutique had other gems on offer. They started with a series of pieces in shimmering gold; traversed the’50s in peppermint and lemon candy-coloured goodness – a goodness belied only by tight, short cuts; and closed on an unusual outfit of a spotted blue crop top and bone necklace that could have been a modern-day interpretation of something out of The Flintstones.

Alice Euphemia, along with the other multi-label boutiques that showed last night, have both a challenge and an advantage in being able to show a broader mix of stock. They’re more likely to hit on something the viewer likes, but have a far less coherent runway show. Alice Euphemia made the most of it with their mix of eye-catching statement pieces and loosely tied together themes.

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