Alpha60: summer with a sheen

Of late, Alpha60 have had a penchant for prints that have me doing a double take, their blown out colouring leaving me uncertain of exactly what the print was actually depicting. Case in point: the opening print for their spring 2010 collection. At this stage, and I can’t be sure if it was impacted on by the Laurent-Perrier, I’m still not certain what the opening print was: a smiley face inspired by Heath Ledger’s Joker, an owl, or perhaps a Rorschach test. The magic of publishing means that I shan’t be certain until Allan’s pictures of tonight’s catwalk are online, and that shan’t be till long after I’ve scribbled these thoughts with my trusty Montblanc pen while sitting through the actual show.

Prints of an ambiguos nature aside, Alpha60 are put forwards a collection of man-made fibres during Melbourne fashion week (MSFW); in particular man-made fibres with a sheen. And both the sheen and fibres worked best on the repetitive, non-double-take patterns worked into various pieces, such as a printed take on chainmail that drew you in as if a fractal.

For all the pictures from Alpha60’s spring / summer 2010 collection click on the thumbnails below.