Amber & Thomas: urban Pocahontas

Label Amber & Thomas continued the trend of a good day of catwalk music at RAFW and, to a calypso beat, they were also another of catwalks to feature the loud, digital prints that so many Australian designers are weaving through their spring / summer 2011 collections.

Perhaps it was Miss Unkon on my mind but Amber & Thomas‘s spring 2011 offering was another collection to have an American Indian undertone, the shaping of a fringed mini dress having overtones of a Pocahontas film costuming, the prints looking as if they been taken from a decorated tipi.

Setting itself apart from the earthy tones, however, was the show’s closing piece: an embellished, gold dress so heavy was its detailing that with each step the clatter of the embellishments could be easily be heard over the catwalk’s soundtrack. A head turner both visually and, more rarely, audibly its styling on the catwalk wasn’t perfect so don’t judge it on the whole image.

You can see Amber & Thomas‘s spring / summer 2011 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the photos.