Anne Valerie Hash: feeling the magic

Be it at Paris fashion week or elsewhere, it’s not the sole aim of a catwalk to give you a visual overview of a collection. Sadly, in this fast-paced century where collections can often be seen in full on sites such as and in less than an hour after they have shown and half a year before you can buy in to them, it certainly feels as if the visual is all that matters. But a catwalk is more than just a visual unveiling. From the music to the crowd, from the lighting to the very way the clothes move with the frame of the model, a catwalk should breathe essence into the birth of an interpretation of a coming season. Some catwalks miss that point altogether, others keep it front and centre.

Take Anne Valerie Hash’s fall 2011 showing as the perfect example of working to communicate that a catwalk showing is about more then just creating a moment for the perfect, straight-down-the-centre photo to be taken.

By way of the show’s notes, that coveted document that explains to the media and buyers alike the vision behind a collection, Hash communicated her collection’s major point: the sensuality of it. Put another way, Hash noted that she has created a collection whose intent is that the feel of the material creates a “touch” that warms against “the harsh winter’s cold.” And that’s something that’s hard to communicate through photos alone.

From photos you’ll come to understand much about a collection. Peruse those of Anne Valerie Hash‘s below and you’ll see the nonchalance of the cut, you’ll have a hint of the elegance infused into the collection when you sight its fur, and you’ll note that it’s all crafted from winter colours and prints. But you’ll never spot the fact that what appears to be a cotton is in fact a cashmere. You’ll never spot the way the velvet was cut to caress the skin as opposed to bounce in reaction to each step its wearer takes. And you’ll never see just how feminine the ruffles are as they gather at an exposed shoulder and waft gracefully.

This is the conundrum of a fashion collection such as Anne Valerie Hash’s, and a problem for the industry at large. Its true magic can only be felt in person, the mood properly set. We can allude to the feel of it all, inform you as to how we encountered it, but to really understand where the brilliance of its designer lies, to really ‘get it’, the adage is true: I guess you just had to be there.

You can see all of Anne Valerie Hash’s autumn / winter 2011 / 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below.