Arnsdorf’s wafting colours

Opening close on an hour late Arnsdorf’s ‘The Circle’ collection didn’t so much take to the RAFW catwalk as it did waft down it. A guitar strummed over the speakers as soft shades of whites filtered past, each styled with ease and often hanging from the tanned frame of the model, each a reminder of just how hot an Australian summer can be.

Winter whites we love, in fact we implore that they feature amongst your curated wardrobe, but they were not the sole focus of Arnsdorf’s spring 2011 collection. The soft visual feel of each piece remained as the hues changed without cohesion, as if their colour was determined by a kaleidoscope. Pastels and hot pinks drifted past, followed by nudes and even unseasonal blacks, but all the way the softness of soundtrack and collection remained. Never too short nor too long, Arnsdorf’s statement came not through any particular cut but just how soft, how light the approach to a summer’s collection for a sunburnt country should be.

You can see all the photos from Arnsdorf‘s spring / summer 2011 / 2012 collection by clicking on the thumbnails below and browsing through the gallery.