Aurelio Costarella Summer 2010

Given that the opening night of Melbourne fashion week (MSFW) felt entirely dedicated to nude colours, the fact that, from my vantage point down the catwalk, it was clear that Aurelio Costarella‘s Spring 2010 show was opening with the same tonality didn’t thrill me. And yet there it was though thankfully without the subdued designs of the previous evening. Instead it was a neutrally toned dress replete with layers, ruffles, and corsetry. And just as quickly as it had emerged onto the catwalk, so too was it gone, and the tonality with it. In its place came sexy black numbers by the dozen. All evening wear, most of them embellished, and some tending towards lingerie as outerwear. Overt detail, oh how I’d missed you.

To be privy to Aurelio Costarella’s full Spring / Summer 2010 follow the link to see our coverage of it from RAFW earlier in the year. Or click the thumbnails below to peruse its showing at MSFW last night.