Bas Kosters: anti this, anti that

Bas Kosters is anti. He gives anti-parties, makes anti-fashion and gives anti-fashion shows. Hence the models weren’t tall, size 0, nor walking straight up on the catwalk. Instead the models were long, short, skinny and sizeable. The movement of the models was also more akin to dancing on the catwalk, as opposed to pounding down it.

This was an Amsterdam fashion week showing that kicked off with an image of Bas himself that transformed from weird haircuts to animals and, a sign of the times, a creature from Avatar. With the music kicking off, courtesy of well-known Dutch DJ Joost van Bellen, the models came out with the colourful clothing and animal masks that drove home the message that this was a fall 2011 showing that was more like a big party than a fashion show.

The show closed at it had started: Bas appeared. This time it was no projection but Bas himself, microphone in hand. Now the party was complete. While Bas and one of his models were singing, other models crawled over the stage like they had to get through a jungle. Another instance of fashion as performance.

Changing was a basis for this collection. He recently changed parts of his own life into a healthy one. Bas Kosters wants to make fashion, but he wants to make it his own way. And we saw that in his show. The show, inspired by mutants, was one you just had to see.

You can do just that by clicking on the thumbnails below.