Blown away: Laura Hui Shan Li

There were breastplate-style sculptured busts made from hardened leather, like Roman era armour stripped back with a cleanly minimalist approach. And then there were flourishes, also leather, frilled and fanned out or curling in onto themselves, all organic-seeming like great leathery leaves. It may sound a strange mix but Laura Hui Shan Li worked this unique combination to perfection.

This warrior-of-nature aesthetic was actually inspired by the impact of rushing wind upon the skin, but so clean and pristine were Laura’s designs that they act as blank canvases for the imagination. And thus would the less detailed of the pieces be perfect as blank canvas pieces for one’s wardrobe, too; able to work in with a variety of different themes.

One of the RMIT graduate designers to watch? Her MSFW (Melbourne fashion week) showing certainly made us think so.

For more of Laura Hui Shan Li‘s graduate collection, ‘Wind Blow’, click on the thumbnails above.