Bora Aksu darkens the mood

When the ground started to vibrate with the thumping base of Marilyn Manson’s Sweet Dreams, it was a clear forewarning of Bora Aksu’s gothic inspirations. The London fashion week show then followed through on its promise with a stream of outfits in dark colours and corseted shapes: if Marilyn Manson had sweet dreams, these girls may have had starring roles. But far from being over-the-top Bora Aksu hit a fine balance of goth and girly. Some pieces were deconstructed, but subtly; some incorporated a feminine dandy element of bowties over sheer-panelled shirts.

At it’s darkest and most detailed, Bora Aksu’s fall 2011 pieces were constructed from skeletal shapes and held together, as if post-autopsy, with thick leather stitching. Stockings dotted with scar-like slits completed Bora Aksu’s dark yet wearable offering.

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