Brady Bunch Hawaiian holidays with Gant

Michael Bastian takes a pop culture-view of Hawaii for his spring 2012 and fourth collection for GANT. While he’s never been, he’s taken his cues from one of our favourite ‘70s family show.

“Having never been to Hawaii myself, I quickly realized that most of what I know about it came from watching the ’70s American TV show ‘The Brady Bunch’ as a little kid. On that show, the Brady family very famously took a trip to Hawaii where they had many adventures while exploring the islands.”

Obviously the show’s light-hearted American optimism has had an affect on Bastian, with the ’70s kitschy Hawaiian theme filtering its way through GANT’s usual prep standards; almost East Coast-meets-the-Pacific Ocean.

While the bright candy colours provided much of the fun, it was the use of quirky prints that were most successful. Turtles, watermelons, monkeys and even hippos all adorned shorts and chinos. (If you look closely, you’ll find a monkey texting on a blackberry) Even the camo took a new personality when coloured in red – squint and the print turned into a floral motif. When mixed with the dressier seersucker suiting options, the combination spoke to both trads and surfers alike.

To view more photos from the Gant by Michael Bastian presentation at New York fashion week, click on the thumbnails above.