Carl Kapp: falling fluidly

To a soundtrack of relaxed beats that I’d be happy have on iPod, Carl Kapp debuted his ‘Falling Water’ spring 2011 collection at RAFW. In fact, the catwalk served as Kapp’s first ever Australian fashion week showing, a fact that I have admit surprised me given just how familiar I am with Kapp’s name. That’s certainly something we can attribute to the skill of the designer, not to mention his ability to show a collection exactly as he sees it.

For spring / summer 2011 that meant all manner of colours in a collection that never swayed away from Kapp’s key skill: his ability to fold and drape cloth be that a cloth of silk or ribbon. That skill dominated and, where other designers may have chosen to create a ‘statement’ by way of over-accessorizing these fluidly moving pieces, Kapp did no such thing; he knows where his skills lie, and the collection seemed all the more lovely for that fact.

You can see all of Karl Capp’s spring / summer 2011 collection by clicking on the photos below and browsing through the gallery.