Carla Zampatti’s openers

As part of its new form under the guiding hand of Grant Pearce, VAMFF (Melbourne fashion festival) promised to deliver its shows in groups of fashion trends. The opening parades didn’t, however, actually do that in so much as they delivered the designs of the participating labels styled to a particular theme.

From Carla Zampatti’s opening velvet jumpsuit to the collection’s closing ankle length, halter neck dress there was some evidence that such theming can work. A bevy of sharply cut quality staples, the vamp, Newtonian styling offered its best wardrobe-building pieces in the guise of a slick black jacket that was sparse on detail bar for its tailed back, and a white Grecian dress that flowed effortlessly down the runway.

For all the photos from Carla Zampatti’s autumn 2011 offering as seen at LMFF, click on the thumbnails below.